Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stage Two

So I have finally completed my group project and after all the stress it was a success!
We were pointed out as the best presentation of the day which was a big achievement as group projects have never been my strong point. We managed to deliver a great project about lift systems in an office building and after many complications with the project; we were successful with our end result.
Now all my coursework’s have been released and I am now concentrating on them.
Last week I went to go and visit Pricewaterhouse Coopers for a skills session to help with my graduate recruitment. They gave some great information on what to expect and little hints and tips for the application process. Now I feel that I have a lot more knowledge on what to expect and hopefully can apply this to my applications.
At the moment I am currently working on practising the psychometric tests which I am going to take tomorrow. I have a numerical reasoning test and a diagrammatic test to take. They are similar to the exams I took in primary school for the 11+ just a little harder! There is roughly only enough time to answer a question per minute and some of them are a question every thirty seconds! The diagrammatic tests are not too bad and are simple puzzle sequences where you have to work out the next step but the numerical reasoning tests seem to be a lot harder!
I have been practising these tests now since the end of my first year however I can’t seem to break the barrier on them even though I am doing a maths degree! I think it’s the speed and accuracy needed (and expected) that I am struggling with (along with quite a few others). So hopefully I can practice enough to finally pass! Will here back within 48hrs of taking them and fill you in then! J

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