Friday, 26 October 2012

Working In a Team

The past couple of weeks have been all about my final year group project.
Group work has played a part of every year of my study so far and usually everyone moans about being put into groups with some of the group members you may not know who they are and have 4 weeks to get to know them and write a report and presentation with them. I used to feel this way however, I finally understand the reason why they make us do this every year. When it comes to going into the real world, your job is more than likely going to involve working within a team and very rarely on your own.
It’s a major competency that employers look for and if you can accomplish that now, it is much easier later on!
We have been given then title “Mathematical Models for Lift Systems” and had to decide where we wanted to take our research and create a report and presentation for it within 4 weeks. It was also our first time writing a proposal for what we would like to do which gave us a good practice ready for our individual project.
We have now almost completed the report and presentation all that is left is to put it all together and write our recommendations! It’s certainly been a long 4 weeks and I will be looking forward to a rest before my coursework kicks in but at the same time I feel that I have finally learnt the purpose of group work and am thankful my lecturers made me do it each year.
On the graduate front I have submitted 2 applications so far! One has invited me to do my online psychometric tests and I am currently practicing for those and the other I am still waiting to hear from. Fingers crossed it is good news! I will check back in after my group presentation J

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